New Energy

Plate and frame heat exchanger for New Energy

With the global environmental problems intensified, the development of new energy is particularly important. In the future, people will rely on ethanol, biodiesel, bio-gas and other renewable resources as secondary energy. Empire will provide you with the most efficient heat transfer solution in the heat exchange of biofuel production, reducing reliance on oil and environmental pollution.


Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in Food Waste Disposal

With the establishment of the concept of sustainable development and technological progress, dining and living organic waste is re-recognized, as a new biological energy it is deeply researched and exploited. The waste sludge is treated with high temperature anaerobic fermentation, which can be used in biogas to generate electricity as a new generation technology. The fermentation of the remaining high-temperature hot water can be recycled through plate heat exchanger for hot water supply and heating in the factory. The waste heat recovery of food kitchen waste and the use of biogas power make energy saving and environmental protection, also develop a new type of energy for the future, which are great significance for energy development and environmental protection.


Empire can provide the most suitable temperature control and heat exchange solution according to your different working and living environment. Whether it is high-rise buildings, or regional heating and cooling,  Empire can design the best energy-saving program for you.