VT20H/V NBR/EPDM Gaskets, GEA Replacements , Heat Exchangers Spare Parts

- Jun 20, 2017-

A multitude of applications


Applications: Cooling and heating of fluids with particle content (without


fibres) up to a particle size of 2 mm. Condensation of vapours, gas cooling


and gas dehumidifying.


Construction: The Varitherm plates are combined to form individual plate


packages. With this construction it is easy to expand the system. Within


each plate package the heat exchanger plates support each other at the


metal-on-metal profile cross points, which ensure the stable behaviour of the


plate gap.


Advantages: Many different Varitherm plate types permit an optimum economical


solution for nearly any application. A range of materials are available from


1.4301 / AISI 304 to alloys, nickel, tantalum and titanium.


Economical: Low investment and maintenance costs ensure a high level of






Rubber Type





Application Temperature

-20°C- +130°C



-15°C- +160°C

Fluid Media

Water, Sea Water, mineral oil,Salt brine,

Hot water, steam, acid, alkali.

High temperature resistance, strong oxidants, oil, acid and alkali.

High temperature mineral oil and water


Easier to replace than the traditional gasket, high pressure, high temperature, longer life, should not be leaked

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