The Importance Of Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

- Jan 25, 2016-

Plate heat exchanger gaskets is an importantpart of plate heat,exchanger, a plasticdeformation, and rings made of material with acertain intensity. Most gasket is from non-metallic Board CD down of, or by professional factory by provides size making, its material for asbestos rubber Board, and asbestos Board, and polyethylene Board,; also useful thin metal Board (Tin, and stainless steel) will asbestos, non-metal package up made of metal package gasket; also has a with thin steel with and asbestos with with around business and into of winding type gasket.Rubber gaskets suitable for temperatures below120 degrees; asbestos rubber gasket is suitablefor steam temperature lower than 450 , the oiltemperature below 350 ° c, pressure of 5MPa,for General corrosive, the most commonly usedare acid-resistant asbestos rubber sheet. Inhigh voltage equipment and pipelines, made ofcopper, aluminum, steel 10th type of lens, madeof stainless steel or other metal gaskets. High pressure gaskets and sealing surface contactwidth is very narrow (contact), seal and gasketprocessing high quality finish.


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