Rubber Lining Side Effects

- Jan 25, 2016-

Is used at both ends of the ball mill, rubber material of the cylinder liner for short, also known as rubber lining, rubber lined.
Rubber lining of ball mill by the end of the package liner (grid lattice Board), end upgrade, center ring (-grid-centric protection boards), filling, cylinder upgrade (also known as the bead), cylinder liner, manhole, fasteners and other components.
Rubber liner for wet grinding technology,now requires metal impurities (Fe) strictly in the dry grinding also began to be applied.Rubber lining in time after a certain time, itmay be many,years or a few months later,blistering, delamination may occur caused byequipment in normal use, in the face of thissituation the way we deal with:Now more advanced method is that if the area issmall, repair agent repair is appropriate, andif an area is larger, you may want to considerusing cold Vulcanized rubber Board mend HX isthe best way to repair



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