Products Packing---plates/gaskets/heat exchanger

- Oct 18, 2018-

Shanghai Empire,fully equipped, with CNC machine tools, plates molds, hydraulic press, punching machines, internal and external welding equipment.

For packing, (1) professional woodworker and machine.

(2) under plates big size and heavy weight, we will make box bottom to thick,add wooden boards, nail nails,reinforce the package to ensure safety during transportation.

(3) if the plate is too large,the middle will be concave when packing. In order to maintain plate shape,

we will place the wooden boards of the corresponding length in the middle of the package.

(4) if heat exchanger is large and heavy. In order to prevent damage to the machine caused by shaking during transportation, we will weld it into the container.

(5)sometimes,in order to help clients to save freight,when packing,we will put gaskets into plate 4 holes to reduce package size.

Every step, we will try our best to make the best.every point, we will make you satisfy.

plate heat exchanger, plate-shell heat exchanger, plates & gaskets, evaporators & condensers and hydraulic press.

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