Plate Heat Exchanger For Industrial Wastewater Treatment

- Mar 20, 2018-

Plate Heat Exchanger for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Shanghai Empire provide the most energy-efficient wastewater treatment process system,industrial wastewater freeze-concentration and vacuum drying crystallization system.

The principle of freeze-concentration is to condense water in the wastewater into ice crystals in refrigeration system.Ice crystals have natural exclusivity in the formation process,produce pure solid water, so purifying the wastewater.This part of the water can be completely reused, saving factory water.

Freeze-concentration has been successfully applied to the following wastewater treatment:

1.High salt wastewater

2.high sugar wastewater

3.high COD Organic wastewater

4.RO Concentrated water reuse

5.Waste acid reuse

The advantage of freeze-concentration:

1.Low operating costs

2.Small footprint

3.Long equipment life

4.No fouling trend

5.Low maintenance costs

6.High quality recycled water

7.Low noise

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