Plate Heat Exchanger For Heat Recovery

- Mar 19, 2018-

Plate Heat Exchanger for Heat Recovery

Based on heat exchanger's R & D technology and manufacturing experience,Shanghai Empire actively develop products used for waste heat recovery.Not only learn form advanced countries of experience and technology,but also cooperat with a number of domestic research institutions.We expand and promote waste heat recovery systems and concepts to help our customer to save production costs.

A lot of energy consumed in the industrial field have emissions through the form of low temperature,waste heat(water/steam/gas).In order to improve energy efficiency,energy upgrade technology can recover and use heat emitted during production process,recycling and using waster heat resources of waste water,waste gas.Such as,petroleum/chemical/metallurgy/textile/food and other industries recovery energy used for winter heating or production process.

Boiler waste heat recovery,Shanghai Empire do a comprehensive planning for users about boiler's recovery and utilization of low temperature,flue gas.Users can get best energy savings with least investment.

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