Hydraulic Press For Pressing Plate Heat Exchanger Plates

- Mar 21, 2018-

Hydraulic Press for Pressing Plate Heat Exchanger Plates

Shanghai Empire-as a Chinese manufacturer of high-quality plate heat exchanger (PHE) and hydraulics, it enjoys a great reputation in this field. In recent years, it has always been focusing on several aspects, such as the R&D, design, produce and sales. With its increasing investment on R & D, the core manufacturing level has improved a lot so that  the series of 2000 tons -40000 tons hydraulic finally come into being , which has a gorgeous effect on the plate-form.

In June 2015, Empire has successfully designed and produced the largest hydraulic press in China---40000t, which re-established its leading position in the industry. Compared to the low tonnage press, 40,000 ton hydraulic press has a large worktable (4.6) and sustained high pressure, and which makes great contribution to improve the quality and efficiency, as the following:

First, it can be used for the molding of larger plate----the maximum of  4.0. It totally meets the requirement of nuclear power and other high-technological area for the larger plate heat exchanger.

Second, high efficiency. Compared to the 20,000 tons press, the 40,000 tons can save a third of the time when finish pressing a plate. Moreover, within the limit of worktable, the 40,000 tons press can achieve pressing several plates at one time, greatly improved the efficiency.

Third, easier and faster replacement of the mould. The unique design of 40,000 tons press allows one people to replace the mould within 20 minutes, which not only solve the difficult problem of changing the mould, but also improve the overall efficiency of the whole process.

In the future, Empire will continue to increase the investment on the R&D and equipment and improve the core manufacturing level. Meanwhile, by raising the level of automated production and artificial intelligence, the Empire will lead the industry of heat exchanger heading to the direction of industrial4.0 in China.

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Hydraulic Press


Hydraulics for Pressing Plate Heat Exchanger Plates

20000t-Hydraulic-Press-for-Plate-Forming-replacement-alfa-gea-sondex (3).jpg

Hydraulice Press for Forming Replacement Plates

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