How Winding Process Works In Hydraulic Press Production

- Mar 04, 2020-

Diguang Hydraulic Press Winding process features:

1. The use of high-quality steel wire is the basic guarantee for the excellent quality of the press:

We use the 5 *1.5 section produced by Henan Zhengzhou Iron and Steel Research Institute.

Material is 65Mn, flat steel wire, per coil weight about 1500kg, tensile strength 1600-1700 kg,

The yield strength of 1300kg is currently the best quality product in China.

The heavier the weight of each disc, the fewer joints in the winding,

Although the price of large-cap wire is higher than that of small-cap wire,

However, we all purchase large-cap steel wires, thus ensuring the quality of winding and improving the fatigue life of the press.

2. Only when the winding steel wire can bear the tension at any time can the effective pressing ability of the press be improved.

That is to say that the wound wire tends to be of equal tension. Adjust the winding process parameters according to our many years 

of experience to make the winding wire more and more close to equal tension.Practice has proved that it has an effective pressing ability 

higher than that of ordinary presses.

3. Increase the safety factor of winding to extend the fatigue life of the press

Domestic presses generally have a low fatigue life, that is, the press can reach the rated pressure when new,

After a period of time (some for a short period of time) the capacity of the press has deteriorated significantly

In addition to the other components of the press, the fatigue attenuation of the steel wire of the frame is a fatal factor.  

The measures we take to address this phenomenon are:

 (1) Increase the cross-sectional area of the frame column.

 (2) Increase the frame winding pre-tensioning factor, safety factor ≥20%, effectively extend the fatigue life of the press machine.

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