Heat Exchanger Refurbisment And Maintenance

- Mar 04, 2020-

The following pictures are a comparison of the maintenance pictures between existed old PHE. 

Handling or replacement for rusted PHE frame. 

Shanghai Empire(Diguang) can perform rust removal treatment on the frame with severe corrosion or replace it with a brand-new one.



Plate Replacement

For some can’t be used plate update for complete new one, we are manufacturer of heat exchanger plates.



Rubber liner test

Leakage detection can be performed with penetrant and imaging agent, and new liners of the same specification can be replaced.

Penetrant used

Imaging agent used

Heat exchanger replacement and update.

We can update your old existed PHE which was used many years and lose some of its function. We can help you repair or expand your PHE to meet your demand.



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