7000t Press Shipped

- Jun 04, 2020-

In 5.19,  a 7000t level hydraulic press of our customer has been complated and debugged in our company. In 5.21,the customer appoints professional organization which has the qualification of detecting hydraulic press to detect the hydraulic press .Figure 1 shows the scene of the organization detecting the 7000t level hydraulic press.After the detection,each index of the hydraulic press all meet the customer's requirements,making a good satisfaction to the customer.

In 5.22,our company load the hydraulic press to the trucks and then deliver it.Figure 2-4 show the scene of loading and delivering.As the hydraulic press is so large,we have to deliver it with two trucks. Empire Mechanical is a professional manufacturer that can independently develop and produce hydraulic press, which is used to press plates of plate heat exchanger or shell and plate heat exchanger.If you have any demand, welcome to consult us.

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