wide-flow plate heat exchanger for Food and Beverage

- Nov 20, 2017-

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1.Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in cane sugar manufacture Processing

China is one of the earliest countries in the world to produce sugar through cane. At present, according to the different sugar technology, can be divided into vulcanized sugar and carbonized sugar. At present, the majority of domestic sugar production is vulcanized sugar. Cane sugar manufacture mainly includes extraction of the juice, clean, evaporation, crystallization, sub-honey and dry. The plate heat exchanger is mainly used for the preheating of the cleaning process and the preheating of the thick syrup in the evaporation process. Heating clear water is always with some impurities, easy to cause blockage. But Empire's wide-flow plate heat exchanger can solve the problem of clogging and carry out periodic cleaning to achieve a good heating effect.

2.Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in Ice Cream Production

Plate heat exchanger is widely used in the food industry, with ice cream as the representative product. The production of ice cream mainly includes steps such as the mixing of the mixture of sterilizing and cooling, the filling and packing of ice cream. Before into the homogenizer, ice cream mixed material needs to be strictly controlled between 65℃ ~ 70℃ through the plate heat exchanger. When the temperature is too low, fat is easy to be condensed; when too high, material is prone to have hot stink. And then before into the aging tank, use the plate heat exchanger for sterilization, and make the material temperature up to the aging of the required temperature. Make heating and sterilization done at the same time to save cost. Ice cream material is relatively viscous, Empire's wide flow path plate heat exchanger and high heat transfer efficiency, can be a good choice for this heat transfer work.

3.Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in the Cleaning Process of Cane Sugar Manufacture (Sulfite Method and Phosphorus Float Method)

Cane sugar manufacture mainly includes extraction of the juice, clean, evaporation, crystallization, sub-honey and dry. The clean process of using sulfite and phosphorus float process is showed. The sucrose crude is required to be heated before it is used in the the sulfur smoked neutralizer and the settler, so that the coarse juice can achieve the most appropriate and the settlement temperature.Empire can provide wide flow plate heat exchanger, with high heat transfer efficiency and accurate temperature control. Then the sucrose coarse juice of the sulfur - smoked neutralizer can be accurately controlled at 55℃~65℃, and the neutralization juice temperature of the settler is controlled at 100℃~103℃, which can make the clean efficiency to the highest.

4.Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in the Cleaning Process of Cane Sugar Manufacture (Carbonic Acid Method)

Sugarcane carbonate process principle is mainly using large amounts of calcium carbonate particles in one carbon filling process which has good adsorption on colloid, pigment and other non sugar elements to reduce the color value and improve the purity of the juice, at the same time through the second carbonation to make further adsorption and precipitation impurities. The plate heat exchanger is mainly used for heating the mixture of one carbonation and second carbonation filling process and the heating of the bleaching liquid, so as to reach the optimum reaction temperature and obtain the best clean effect Empire has operated heat exchangers for many years, can provide you with a full range of sugar heat transfer solutions.

5.Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in the Evaporation Process of Cane Sugar Manufacture (Phosphorus Float Method)

Cane sugar phosphorus float evaporation process is carried out to evaporate the sucrose clear juice from the clean process through the five-effect evaporation system to obtain crude syrup and then further added with phosphoric acid and glycated calcium. The filtrate is separated and filtered by a buoyancy apparatus to obtain clear syrup and then go to the next step. In order to make the evaporation effect significant, it needs to use the plate heat exchanger preheated to a certain temperature before the evaporation process. Sucrose juice contains a variety of impurities, easy to plug the pipeline; wide flow plate heat exchanger is the choice for sugar industry heat transfer. Empire has been selling heat exchangers for many years, and will use professional technical knowledge to solve your various sugar problems.

6.Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in Beer Production

Beer has become an indispensable part of mass consumption. Beer production process mainly includes malt preparation, malt juice manufacturing, fermentation, filtration sterilization, filling and packaging. After filtration, the malt is processed by the boiling mash kettle and then the malt juice is obtained. The wort needs to be cooled by the plate heat exchanger to the fermentation inoculation temperature before fermentation then can be carried out to achieve higher fermentation efficiency. After the fermentation, the draft beer is obtained, and the draft beer is cooled down to a suitable storage temperature by a plate heat exchanger and then other treatments are carried out.

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