Design principle of vertical roller mill

- Jan 25, 2016-

Main mill, roll the curvature effects on grinding capacity, power consumption, and to determine the best grinding curvature. On disc and pressure framework mainly for large parts of the static, dynamic structural analysis and calculation of load, optimization to determine the pressure frame size, find stress evenly on the Pan, shape conducive to casting process, fully taking into account the impact of thermal stress. Under the Foundation of research and analysis, development and design for MLS3626 efficiency of vertical mill modular separator. Focus on powder and particle control, minimizing irregular physical activity appeared in the mill, from reducing cyclic loading, to improve grinding efficiency.
Vertical mill is the use of large roller press system of grinding large quantities of material handling equipment, compared with the General Mills superior in large equipment and automation of operations. The current domestic market, vertical milling machines in a variety of powders

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