TL90PP Thermowave PHE Plate

TL90PP Thermowave PHE Plate

Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China TL90PP Thermowave PHE Plate Manufacturers, welcome to wholesale replacement PHE plate, heat exchanger plate from our factory. Model NO.: TL90PP Thermowave Plate Heat Exchanger Plate...

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Product Details

Model NO.: TL90PP Thermowave Plate Heat Exchanger Plate


Plate Thickness:0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm

Overall Dimension:722mm*245mm

Port connection:41mm

Heat transfer area:0.1M2

pressure drop in heat exchanger

M6Mplate transfer

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china plate condenser

heat exchanger hvac system

china heat exchanger


Food industry:Milk pasteurization, Milk and beverage pasteurization , Wine tempering, Bottled water treatment , CIP (Cleaning-in-Place)heating , Reverse osmosis water.

Marine application :Central cooling of the main or auxiliary engines or turbines, Lubrication oil cooling, Recooling of circulated water for cooling cylinders, pistons, injection nozzles, Cooling of Baoder oil, compressor oil and other lubricants, Preheating of lubrication oil and heavy fuel oil, Preheating of seawater for fresh water production, Heat recovery, Heat exchange to air-condition the passengers’ cabins and freight spaces

Others:turbine oil cooler, Chemical industry, district heating, district cooling, swimming pool heating, solar heating

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plate heat exchanger for ships & boats

air oil heat exchanger

plate heat exchanger forBeverage industry

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plate heat exchanger forOil industry

Our Advantages:

1.Manufacturer and Distributer, we can supply different brand and series plate and gasket, such as     Alfa-Lava, APV, GEA, Tranter, SONDEX etc.

2.As manufacturer, we can supply the best quality replace parts for above brands to help you save cost.

3.Over 10 years experienceon the energy field, we also can provided technical service such as technical consultation, equipment update, capacity expansion scheme, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment.

4.ISO9001:2008international quality standard certification.

5.One year lifetimeguarantee.

6.High quality and competitive price, fast delivery.

7.We are notonly concerned for the quality of our products and services.
Another of our objectives is our respect and care for the environment.

8.Fast Handling of Inquiries and Orders.


Factoryand Packing:

Factory tour and packing details:

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    plate condenser

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DiGuang is focus on theheat exchangerand spare parts manufacturer and distribute.

We also provided technical service such as technical consultation, equipment update, capacity expansion scheme, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment.

Our objective is to supply you the correct specification of material to suit your particular application.

Any inquires aboutplate heat exchanger.gasketedplate heat exchanger.plate frame heat exchanger.plate type heat exchanger.plate condenser.evaporator.plate cooler.marinecooler.please contact us.

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