20000tons Hydraulic Press For Forming PHE Plate

20000tons Hydraulic Press For Forming PHE Plate

Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China 20000tons hydraulic press for forming PHE plate manufacturers, welcome to wholesale hydraulic press for forming PHE plate from our factory. Product Features 1.Attractive and outstanding appearance Our hydraulic press for...

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Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China 20000tons hydraulic press for forming PHE plate manufacturers, welcome to wholesale hydraulic press for forming PHE plate from our factory.

Daily Production Capacity: available for 1000pcs for bigger plate up to 500mm connection.

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Product Features
1.Attractive and outstanding appearance
Our hydraulic press for PHE is designed with attracting appearance and compact structure based on humanized principle.

2. Wire Wound Frame
Its pre-stressed wire wound frame is available in enlarging the pre-load margin so that there will be no slits between the pillar and semicircular beam under pressure of operation. Under equal tension, the steel wire is still serviceable for long term use.

3. Durable Main Cylinder
1) Based on the finite element design calculations, the cylinder is designed with scientific and rational wall thickness. Similarly, the wire wound makes cylinder resiliently deformable only in a tiny range at rated pressure. Actually the elastic deformation can almost be ignored. Thus the major seal keeps working without gaps.

2) This hydraulic press uses the bronze guide seal instead of plastic nylon guide one to keep the inner wall of the cylinder smooth, prolonging the life of main cylinder and the main seal simultaneously

4. High Strength and Rigid Oriented System
The oriented system adopts four rigid cylindrical guide posts that are specially plated and grinded, ensuring well distributed oriented gap and smooth operation of oriented worktable with high precision. Moreover, the worktable will be kept in parallelism to get the plate pressed with even corrugation depth, conforming to the high international standards.

5. Patented Direct Oil Charging Structure
The oil charging path features simple structure, small resistance and excellent oil charging performance. It improves the energy efficiency and operation speed of the machine, further increasing the production efficiency of users.

6. Patent Pending Epitaxial Oil Charging Valve
Special epitaxial oil charging valve is utilized by our hydraulic press to prevent major components under pressure from potential damage caused by pressure differential when the pressure is relieved. It has a series of advantages over other products, such as smaller size, longer operating life and higher efficiency.

7. Outstanding Pressing Capability
The wire wound frame keeps each wire bearing equal stretch force precisely in the entire plate pressing process. For pressing the plate in same size, our hydraulic press for PHE needs lower pressure than other competitors by 10% to 15%. That is to say it is capable of forming larger plate by using the same pressure as others. Additionally, this product enjoys less pressure loss.

8. Rapid Pressing with Reasonable Speed Forming
Different from the traditional machine working at direct pressing speed of 0.2 to 0.5 mm/s, this hydraulic press for PHE makes a breakthrough. Its initial plate pressing speed reaches 1 to 1.5 mm/s and followed by reasonable forming speed. This innovative combination significantly improves the pressing speed, quality of plate, energy conservation and operating efficiency of the machine.

9. Patented Movable Worktable
Latest product is specially configured with specially worktable that is able to move in and out automatically without any auxiliary devices. This worktable is the highlight of our machine for maximizing the operating efficiency and minimizing the time and labor intensity instead of the traditional device for loading and unloading dies.

10. Patent Pending Three-stage Combination Pressure Relief System
Our hydraulic press for PHE applies the three stage combination pressure relief system under unique manual hydraulic control rather than the traditional single-stage one. This new system possesses a range of advantages, for instance, it relieves the pressure rapidly and makes the oil temperature rising slowly so as to speed up pressing and reduce energy consumption of cooling system. Once the hydraulic controller or power fails, this system can be operated manually for pressure relief, keeping the whole machine and tools safe.

11. Multiple Safety Protectors
There are various protecting units applied for safety operations, including the infrared safety system, transmitter and electric contact pressure gauge for adjusting and checking pressure separately, overpressure protector for keeping operating pressures in the safe range and the PLC programming unit for setting maximum pressure limit to accomplish automatic relief of overpressure.

12. Integrated Hydraulic System
This hydraulic press is assembled with integrated hydraulic system that is superior to other products. With the pipes and connector minimized, this system also reduces the possibilities of oil leakage. It simplifies the maintenance process and makes clean environment for operation.

13. PLC and Touch Screen Control
The advanced control system is available in full automation, semi-automation, and manual operation. Through automatic monitoring and control on the temperature of hydraulic system, it turns on and off the cooling system automatically. It is easy to fulfill the demands of users to manage and transfer operating data by such progressive control technology.

14. World Famous Electronic Components and Key Seals
Our hydraulic press for PHE is assembled with premium and durable components that are universal all over the world.

15. Sufficient Spare Parts Supply
Aside from the spare parts packed with the equipment, all other spare accessories will be supplied during the entire life of the machine.

16. Custom Design
Our machine supports custom design based on customers' requires.

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