Steel manufacture

High efficiency plate heat exchanger for Steel manufacture

Iron and steel industry as raw materials industry, occupies an important position in the national economy. However, now the steel industry is also facing new challenges. Empire offers you a complete set of steel heat exchange solutions, from a variety of coolant, lubricating oil heat transfer to coke oven flue gas waste heat recovery, we always provide you with the best quality service.


Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in Blast Furnace Gas Combined Power Plant

In order to reduce the emissions of coal gas emissions to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, you can use blast furnace gas combined cycle power generation equipment for blast furnace gas recycling. The remaining waste heat steam from steam turbine power generation is cooled through the plate heat exchanger and then flow into the waste heat boiler through the feed pump, after generate steam, and then enter the steam turbine to generate electricity, to achieve the purpose of circulating water. Empire  plate heat exchangers are not only to meet the requirements of the conditions, but also has a compact structure, small size, high heat transfer coefficient, high heat transfer characteristics, which is your best choice in this condition.