Plate Condenser

Plate Condenser

Shanghai Empire can design and calculate plate condenser and complete project according to technical specification provided by customers.

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Product Details

Shanghai Empire can design and calculate plate condenser according to technical specification provided by customers in different industry conditions, the plate condenser can use titanium material.








(1) High Condensing Efficiency

(2) Reduced Resistance

(3) Compact Structure

(4) Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance

(5) Wide Application


(1)Evaporation device secondary steam condensation

(2)Vacuum crystallization system secondary steam condensation

(3)Low pressure system steam condensation

(4)The condensation of evaporation/fractionation system

(5)Condenser for small power plant

(6)The condensation of high vacuum medium

(7)Light-weight fuel condensation

(8)Recovery of industrial waste heat: petroleum/chemical/sulfuric  

 acid/alkali production  


1. Q: Do you have your own factory or just you are a trading company?

A: we have own factory-Tianjin Empire, our headquarter is Shanghai Empire.

2. Q: What payment terms can you accept?

A: We can accept T/T, Western Union etc..

3. Q: Can you accept customized order?

A: Yes, our professional technical team who can design according to specification provided.

4. Q: How long can we deliver goods?

A: It would be 2 weeks after received payment and confirmed details.

Shanghai Empire have maintained cooperation in research and development with many national colleges, institutes and professionals in heat transfer industry, Our products are widely used in multiple industries and applications, such as food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant, 

boiler waste heat recovery, Industrial wastewater treatment, metallurgy, textile.

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