Plate Heat Exchanger Plate

Plate Heat Exchanger Plate

Shanghai Empire supplies Plate Heat Exchanger Plate for full makes and models, have own factory and hydraulic press, high quality,fast delivery,best price.

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Product Details

Shanghai Empire is premium supplier of heat exchangers and spare parts in China, possessing manufacturing equipment and factory, keeping sizable inventory of gaskets and plates for regular makes and models.

Plate Heat Exchanger Plate

Plate Heat Exchanger Plate

Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts


Shanghai Empire provides conventional plates and special plates (semi-welded and free flow) for various makes. Our 40000ton hydraulic press can form big plates, such as M20M/MX25B/M30 and NT50/NT100/NT150/NT250/NT350.

Our Advantages
a. providing various phe plates for all makes and models, such as Alfa/GEA/FUNKE/Vicarb/Sondex/Thermowave/


b. making plate mould according to customer requirements.
c. various material, AISI304,SS316,Titanium,ASMO254,Alloy C-276,Ni201,904L.

the plate thickness has 0.5mm/0.6mm/0.8mm/1.0mm

d. high quality, good price, fast delivery.
e. source of goods

f. keep sizable stock of gaskets & plates to ensure delivery time. 

Quality check
(1) First, testing plate corrugation depth (free channel).Use micrometer (the best digital displayer) to test 32 sites of plate.

(2) Second, testing plate crack. The method is dye check. Spraying display agent (white) on one side of plate, the other side of plate sprays penetrant (red) , if penetrant passes through plate and the side of display agent is dyed red, it shows the plate has crack, the method is very simple and efficient.


Fast response times

making plate mould according to customer requirements

OEM customization

Indentify plate model


1. Q: Do you have your own factory or just you are a trading company?

A: we have own factory-Tianjin Empire, our headquarter is Shanghai Empire.

2. Q: What payment terms can you accept?

A: We can accept T/T, Western Union etc..

3. Q: How long can we deliver goods?

A: It would be 1weeks after received payment and confirmed details.

4. Q: OEM order acceptable to your company?

A: Yes , OEM is OK.

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