Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

Shanghai Empire is premium supplier of Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket in China.keeping sizable inventory of gaskets and plates for regular makes and models to meet immdiately requirements.

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Product Details

Shanghai Empire is premium supplier of heat exchangers and spare parts in China, have own factory, short lead-times allow us to supply quality units promptly.

Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

Spare Parts for Heat Exchanger

Spare Parts for Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Spares

Heat Exchanger Spares


Shanghai Empire provides various material gaskets in EPDM/NBR/HNBR/NBR-HT/Viton- A/Viton-G/ Neoprene,repalce for Alfa/GEA/FUNKE/Vicarb/Sondex/Thermowave/APV/Tranter/Swep phe plates.

Our Advantages
a. provide spare parts for all brand plate heat exchanger

b. developing gaskets mould according to customer requirements

c. high quality, good price, fast delivery.
d. source of goods

d keep sizable inventory of gaskets & plates

Gasket Material

Typcal Range

   Typical Applications



HT hot water






cooling/LT hot water/Oils



HT Oils& Chemicals



specilised Chemicals


Fast response times

developing gaskets mould

OEM customization

Indentify gasket model


1. Q: Do you have your own factory or just you are a trading company?

A: we have own factory-Tianjin Empire, our headquarter is Shanghai Empire.

2. Q: What payment terms can you accept?

A: We can accept T/T, Western Union etc..

3. Q: How long can we deliver goods?

A: It would be 1weeks after received payment and confirmed details.

4. Q: OEM order acceptable to your company?

A: Yes , OEM is OK.

We can supply plates & gaskets for virtually any brand of heat exchanger, Tianjin branch company is engaged in hydraulic press production, plate mould development and plate pressing. Our products had been sold all over the world and possess solid customer base.

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